Our Heritage

Our story begins on a trip to Ecuador, where our founder was traveling through several climates taking in the sights and exploring the region. After stumbling upon a vendor selling Alpaca wool goods, he purchased a single sweater. Enthralled by its temperature-regulating abilities and luxurious softness, he quickly realized the versatility of the fabric. Its characteristics were unlike traditional sheep’s wool while remaining a close cousin of cashmere. A balance of structure, silkiness and natural sheen caught his eye, and the rest was history. Today we have several alpaca farms, factories, and operations conducting a symphony of production in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Italy. Our goods are then transported to America and sold on US soil, promoting healthy, ethical working relationships for all involved, even the Alpacas

Why Alpaca Fur?

Once considered to be a gift from the Gods, this soft, breathable fabric is one-of-a-kind. Alpaca threads are unique as they never pull, even after being well washed and well loved. This added benefit ensures that you’ll have a product that’ll last a lifetime. Its rarity clues the wearer in on a little known secret, that it’s an exclusive alternative to the ever-loved cashmere. Alpaca is naturally cool to the touch but will keep you up to 7x warmer than sheep’s wool. Alpaca fur is said to be softer than cashmere, warmer than wool and lustrous than silk, making the textile a rare luxury in itself.

Promise to protect

Suri & Huacaya is dedicated to the sustainability of the alpacas and the country in which they’ve thrived for centuries. We work with personally selected alpaca farmers to ensure the animals are treated with love and care. To promote the Andean economy, for every 100% alpaca piece sold, Suri & Huacaya will donate 5% of proceeds to the farm from which it was sourced, and the buyer will receive a handmade alpaca keychain with each purchase. This is our way of saying thank you for joining our preservation efforts.

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