The Origins

Our Journey

On a trip to the town of Azogues Ecuador, I was walking down a street market on a chilly afternoon, I stopped at a vendors tent, tried on a handmade alpaca sweater, this is when I discovered Alpaca wool. After spending a few days in various towns in Ecuador while wearing the same alpaca sweater, I fell in love with alpaca and found the courage to bring alpaca to a bigger stage and thus originated a knitwear business.

Based in New York City, Suri & Huacaya produces superlative Alpaca textiles and luxury goods using the best rarest raw materials found in the Andes Region for the pursuit of excellence.

 Suri & Huacaya is a new clothing line based in New York City, poised to change the perception of South American luxury goods with its unique collection of ready-to-wear apparel for men and women. The brand’s uniqueness comes from its name representing both kinds of alpaca that exist, the Suri alpaca and the Huacaya alpaca, This is demonstrated in every fashion piece from the brand as it effectively works with a local artisan to make designs into (e)motions, helping fashion lovers to express themselves freely.

We have boots in the Andes making our import process authentic and streamlined, meaning you’re getting your products straight from the source. The inspiration was sparked on a trip to Ecuador, where our founder immediately recognized the balance of luxury and simplicity offered within each product.

Suri & Huacaya is the pioneer brand for global exports produced in the Andes region. Our South American roots are essential to who we are as a company, and our luxurious products will always have our hand stitched S&H signature, ensuring our promise to deliver 100% authentic alpaca wools to our customers.

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