We carefully design and produce small quantities and style each season. We are not in the business of mass production. We believe that the conservation of this precious wools is vital for the animal’s welfare. We do not engage in practices where excess wool is disposed of when creating a garment. By focusing on natural and traditional methods, we limit our environmental impact and encourage our clients to acquire less and choose well.

Are garments are free of excessive ornaments. We keep it as natural and functional as possible. We believe that the wools we work with are strong enough on its own.

Our primary materials are natural: alpaca, baby alpaca, baby llama, guanaco, vicuna and high-end blends. We try to work with the best nature has to offer, and we strive to make sure these beautiful materials are sourced in the most responsible way.

Code of Conduct

We are members of the AIA (international alpaca association). The ALPACA BRAND guarantees the content and quality of the alpaca fiber used we use in our products.